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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Embassy

of The United States of America

Neustaedtische Kirchstr. 4-5

10117 Berlin


Germany, Luebeck, 11th of April, 2002

Order of your Empress


Dear Americans,

As yesterday reported in an informational programme via TV, it should in your country go on like especially "red-hot" * and the "bear should dance there” very strongly, because many priests, whose stand at the head of the temptation, have gone down in your "cathouse" and have assaulted small boys sexually, because they could not withstand the temptation anymore.

Everything what has to do with the nerves and with the psyche, i. e. soul, all the values you let market by many distinctions like the Oskar or the Gold Diapason with a remarkably worldwide success.

Thin nerves will have approximate more than eighty percent of the people of your population in all likelihood or be emotionally disturbed hardly, especially in addition by your many psychiatrists, whose coach an artificially self-confidence and bring therefore more damage than use, so that in all likelihood you will meet only like better actors mutually and soon cannot properly check yourselves any more.

As a communication possibility a lot of Americans have got absolutely a dog or a cat to be able to exist in the society; it`s on the cheap of life, which has also duly arrived here in Europe and presumably it will come even from Europe. Your Empress has taken the following measures also for your country, however, your Empress requires an accordingly valuable consideration of people, who have what it takes to do and who have the right means and the necessary personality to be able to bear this responsibility. 

1.) Via TV will be cut in pictures, which were not produced by a film camera.

 2.) My person will be dragged through the mire absolutely **( That can happen also with everybody else worldwide**) and will be copied erroneously. It does not mean that your Empress is a saint, however, can possess a good balance. (That can be the same with everyone.)**

3.) Some people presumably get also an additional assistance indirectly by another person of my sister, what is very important for some quite confused people and a very precious assistance, what your Empress also does not administer of course.

4.) The Empress is in possession of an umbrella, which should convert itself in a Cudgel to protect you primarily and to let recover you under other additional measures.

5.) You have to attend your King and your Emperor and to vow strict obedience by obey orders also of the higher right. (Cudgel)

6.) You and all others will have to leave the skyscrapers in time.

7.) In Internet exist many writings of Empress, which should help you and should you accompany through this special time. Nevertheless even other writings will follow.

8.) You will have to reclassify properly yourselves please, like every other country, too; my person insists on obedience, because by doing strict obedience cannot happen a lot.

9.) You will have to close all your Roman Catholic Churches and to inform the population about the radio or about small special newspapers. Farther the population has to go to school like students to become informed about the matter and the commission and to become helped of course to play one`s part in finding into the right culture,  which was already fixed and will become existing as a worldwide unit.

Please, see that your population should be informed and resolved more exactly about psychoses related to nerves, so that no misunderstandings of my person can originate in the matter, also with it the matter and the commission of OUR LORD and of ALL  OUR CREATOR cannot become so uncanny. Because everything has started sneaky, in this way it had to go on as a precaution to be able to repulse.* If time is allowing the Imperial pair to stay alive absolutely, the pair will have to visit personally your country. 

i. A. ​Empress

Please, meet with informed those responsible. Let the German writing be translated and be handed over to your neighbouring states. ​ ** September, 2016 / February in 2017 ** Document was checked.

HP: Sneak back is not the same as play-act like the population, while valuable time gets lost, because the matter and the commission are limited in the progress and then will be more endangered in the execution. People must be able to raise the courage to the truth and to the reality, without this news are going to  run via TV but one should be careful, nevertheless, but one should go on faster in this way. A middle course must be found, so that also at the head of those responsible an unequivocal legal capacity can be allowed. At time**you has got an American president (Mr. B. O.), who puts all the others in the shade by which a clear predetermination has become evidently in the matter and is given therefore. 

September 2016** Free Translation in February 2017/  Checked on Mai 2021/