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Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Ambassadors


        To the TV-and the Radio-Stations 

                  Attn. Of the Editors

    Germany, Luebeck, 2005, March 25th



Do love your Enemies' (cf., Quotation from Bible Text)

Please, let this writing be translated in many different languages and hand it over to the correspondingly places or ask for the German-language one.


Dear Lord- and Ladyship, Dear Sir or Madam,

There are days, the Empress comes through with me, so that I must pay attention that the horses do not bolt with me. In this case my thoughts often exceed boundaries, which every person with knowledge of life and intelligence should be able to confirm.

Today it is such a day at that you sick and twisted creatures should become acquainted with such thoughts, when you and people like you will understand very fast, that my person will fetch the big mass out of the diapers and will put the mass onto the pot. We all have got noticed that it 'banged rightly' at Christmas time in order to make it clear and understandable. The speech is from the seaquake in Indian Ocean with the intensity of 9.0 on the Richter- Scale. 

The world was shocked by the extent of the damage of the disaster namely in the trust sense of the word. Aid comes from all sides of the world so that mankind could prove that they hold together in the emergency. These 'big bang' did not come from about as well as by specified date those two followed earthquakes like the prior strong earthquakes, the gigantic volcanic eruptions, the cyclones, the landslides and the flooding on our globe. 

The last quarter of the second millennium has by the research and evolution in most different sciences guaranteed for it, especially mentioned technique combined with chemistry, that the entire global economic circulation had to concentrate on the consumption at the end, since instead of the physical strength the nuclear power as well as other sources of energy were used and thereby the mankind had been permitted the way for an apparently favourable and inexhaustible exploitation of earth. In such a way at one place of earth was exploited and it was hoarded at another place; it was built into the height, the depth or large-area.

As a result at one place there are hollows or dryness, at the other place are underground car parks or underground stations, skyscrapers or dumps, which would be already able to threaten the groundwater in the final analysis. The crust of the earth was to a part hardened and stuck by the subterranean canalization, the rail expansion, that reinforced concrete expansion or by the large-areas concrete expansion and also by the asphalt of the road network. 

The earth crust of the earth plates had to become compulsorily non-flexible and harder by this change, so that probably the second stratum already has been damaged in a part, too. Since it is well-known for decades that the earth plates collide, then one must not be surprised at the increasing frequency and strength of the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Too, the high number of the respective after-shocks may show us clearly, that earth itself will no more turn upward, on the contrary, the signs for an escalation and the collapsing of earth stand already at red! 

Now however back to the seaquake and the results, that seaquake caused. It came in an unannounced manner at Christmas time of the Christianity and it happened in a tourist paradise, there where the locals must earn their living by the tourism. Many tourists could save themselves also by the high hotel buildings of robust construction, because early in the morning the disaster rolled toward the coast and many tourists were not yet found at the beach or they were on the way but most people still stayed at the hotels. 

The locals however are fall far short of having a protected home in their dilapidated or unstably built houses or huts. They had no chance anymore and lost their life. Many of the dead left their children or grandchildren in a region or a living space, at which the living must be earned by the tourism. Now it was also donated for that living space, which the civilized world also would like to see built up so gladly again by the many actions, since again one would be able to relax in hard times there or even not?

There are such people and such, the one enjoys oneself in such a way, the other one just differently by an offer, what becomes more and more generous or for instance not?  The many children, those lost their parents by the disaster and are partially standing there without relatives as orphans, now are in the vacation paradises at the insatiable consumer's mercy, who would always be able to save himself in the event of an emergency into the of robust construction high hotel buildings. 

People donated of course generously for the surviving dependents and not every donor had ulterior motives. Many people also had very clean motives, giving others an aid, however, but what is the use for an orphan, if the child would be able to receive a school training for example by these funds and nevertheless will be on the game at the end? You sick gluttons will be put an end to this consumption immediately and not only in the urgently affected vacation paradises! 

You will have to learn taking care to yourselves mutually otherwise it can happen, that one day, that will be no more very far, another kind discovers the tourism on earth and what will be then, that still each one can think about oneself. Then one gets it back by that what was aborted so generously away worldwide and had to reach into another hands to get back indeed the entire control of the 'history of creation' one day, where the planning state and the destiny of live has got its origin. All intelligence of the highly developed cultures of mankind would could by this used by the control and can be set up purposefully, so that one would could receive a hose transplanted into the throat and a chip into the brain at the end. 

That matter would be designated colloquially as a kind of 'alien keeping'; also that rings a bell or even not? Of course, many Christian and especially many Clerics will say now: That is however a non-Christian letter and that at Easter?! And what is meant by the statement from Jesus in this writing, if it begins with the reference 'Love your enemies'?! Easter is the holiday of joy, this person does not know what Easter means actually and what a Christian constitutes? An unqualified impudence is this writing with presumptuous statements and sick fantasies or for instance not? 

You sick sleepyheads hopefully will become acquainted with my person still in time as a person, who holds in a pictorial seen manner in one hand the double bridle reins and in the other hand a swinging whip namely standing on a plain wooden stake-body truck with a horse team and the horse power of a jet plane!

With this horse team my person will race through this sick pigsty or expressed in other words, through the entire global and sick 'low dive' till each crackpot recognizes what the matter is. In this case you and people like you will become acquainted with a genuine Catholic Christian and learn to understand the difference simultaneously to a 'want to like to be' a Catholic woman. The horse team will be formed by the Monumental-Area* but also by Authority, who consists of three persons. Not only any Roman Catholic bishops will be preferably required for that also the dictators or monarchs with a criminal career will belong into the matter. 

The former president of the United States should be mentioned here, G. B. retd., who gave the command for a chemical agent* bombing. Furthermore the hated and notorious former Iraqi dictator S. H. (please do not mention publicly the names) as well as many further rulers from other cultures, who have offended against humanity.

These horses in the team of my person will be one of the most valuable ones, since these people would be able to control the change of ends and as a result they get the fair chance to pay off their caused hard guilt against a correspondingly very high service. Please, you and people like you also have to confront the theologians, the philosophers and the archaeologists with this letter, with it the statement from Jesus, 'Love your enemies', will be interpreted rightly and in this way should be correspondingly rightfully acted in future. 

The whole matter and the commission act among other things from the 'Waiting Horses' and the 'Changing of the Wedding Couples', at which the end of the matter clearly has been depended on mankind. For this reason also please send the writing or mail to further Sat- postal addresses to that TV- and broadcast institutions in order to make this writing public, with it the best thinkers of the world are addressed. You wanted to move something in the world history, otherwise, you would not have sat down behind a microphone or would have put yourselves in front of the TV camera or for instance not? 

Now you have got an honourable task within the control of your Authorities, that please you will carry out as editors in your activity as a radio- or TV presenter or you may let carry out the task from your team, else wise also you are going to learn that and also as my person leads the reins! Please, in future pay more attention to that the love howl and adore by the songs and hits no more concern the children furthermore, otherwise you are going to get to know 'Schnappi, that small crocodile' ! ............................(See the German top ten of 2004/ 05) 

On behalf of


HP: Also the subterranean atomic experiments have with safety caused some heavy earthquakes that my person would be able to designate separating more closely, in where especially the Catholic France should be mentioned in this regard. (There is a correspondingly letter for France.) 

My person observes well for a long time. Unfortunately, the slippery and corruptible experts will deny this last statement, since these people or especially these ones also gladly fly into the vacation as tourists and so the ozonosphere must also wait again in this year till everybody of these cowardly crackpots is returned from the vacation.

*At 2010, March 27th / 2013 this letter was marked to get a better comprehensibility. Corrected

In the context of this Easter writing I want to advise and enclose the LINK of the former UNO special representative and advisor Mr. Jean Ziegler, who carries in his mind concentrated information, what possibly in this way is stated exorbitant or difficult understandably and easily can become misunderstood but you as adults have to take his statements very seriously, in which however my person wants and has to draft the terrorists also in!