The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024

   Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage in 2024


Nice to meet you on my page.

My pages are about the matter and commission of our Lord and out all Creator. So everybody is invited to read my homepages and to publish his comments.

Should it become true in such a way as it has planned, then everybody who goes with pleasure on travelling is also invited to manage something sensible by his trip or to bring back what has a remaining value for all people!

The environment…………priority bears the costs!


The World-Cultural-Shock

Question: Are you able to call up a file in Internet, if you have got a homepage-link at disposal?

Question: Are you still able to understand the contents of a letter or document?

Question: Do you really be able to understand whether the contents of the writings are right, true and important? Are you able to do this or are you not able any more??

Question: Do you have the possibility starting an inquiry and to let confirm an examination of the content correctness of these above mentioned homepages?

Question: How does it be possible that you and other ones bear a doctorate and for which do you have got it and for what you got the title?

Question: Who has conferred such a title on you and other people? And where from or by whom have vested those ones that competence??

Question: How has it become possible that there are hardly complete people, who have everything what belongs to a person?? ?

Answer: If you and other ones furthermore overlook morbidly the above mentioned  precious documents, then I am going to allow to let hunt you!

Answer: You and other ones with your apparently "got in racket" titles and your quite obviously got in racket position of power as a member of the supervisory board are responsible for the SOS-children, because already yesterday and today no child must suffer for financial reasons; not in Paraguay and not in Lebanon or in Botswana as well as  not worldwide!

Answer: You cling to your jobs and to your habits and for this reason the SOS-children must suffer even today!

Answer: You ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

You are ill people whose seek a confirmation and a chance to earn money at the expenses of the SOS-children!

Answer: My person hopes that one fine day the announced Cudgel will hunt just such an ill creatures and will go hunting again and hitting again, until you and your equals will fall down from exhaustion, because you and other ones have abused the true situation!

Answer: Should the announced Cudgel take over the temperament of my person even partially, is not left a lot from such greedy persons!

Answer: Of course you and other people may never hand over to a corrupt ruler or by a corrupt contact the means for the SOS-children.

Please, go to the bother of doing, finally, and kindly start moving yourselves, while you will divide the required means on site and on site administer for some time, otherwise, go to the devil finally!


Ursula Sabisch

HP.: Of course this mail will have to be published in Internet, because you are not the only incomplete people, whom lacks something important, because you and your equals are taking places, by which others have been heavily burdened  through your jobs!