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Plague of Locusts


Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the Royal Danish Embassy

                         Rauchstr. 1                       

10787 Berlin


To Amnesty International

1 Easton Street


To the Organizations of the World

Germany, Luebeck, Monday, November 2004 29th

Free translation in March 2018

Plague of Locusts / CC/

Please let that German-language letter be translated in many different languages and be handed over to the corresponding places.

Dear Gentlemen from Church, Politics and Economy!

Yesterday the locusts trouble was demonstrated with the news of the sender K1 by showing the dimension of this disaster. Starting mid-September was shown via TV like the locusts have devoured the harvest of the whole fields and areas in Sudan. Million locusts engaged the Sudan, where already hunger goes with the daily life. At the 13th September 2004 among other things my person wrote to the Royal Danish Embassy of Berlin and mentioned this locust plague with respect to the disasters of the world and the possible number of the dead through obviously source of danger.

In the meantime daily via the TV news, Internet, broadcast and the newspapers was reported on dead and injured persons also on terrorism. Also on the accident deaths or on dead and injured persons by crime was reported namely day by day and again and again. On all results of the assassinations was reported via TV, radio and other data Media, whereas the number of the dead still kept within reasonable limits. Now from start mid-September to end November it were about 90 days, in which the locusts plague could spread crosswise the continent and could unhindered spread out.

From northwest Africa, the Sudan till to Morocco the plague has in the truest sense of the word feed itself through and thereby further could oviposit.

The plague fortunately reached a tourist paradise, where the wind brought the locusts to those vacation Island, because normally the plague would have run probably as background information to give the collecting organizations or donation organizations of the world an authorization. My person deprives people of that organisations the authorization by this writing. One does not beg any longer, one does not use the collecting box anymore, because it has to be acted and it has to be paid in the right way!  Unfortunately, the dimensions of the disaster were named yesterday in the news only for a short moment, so that my person cannot designate the affected countries very surely. Ethiopia certainly will not have been spared as well as the Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, the Sahara and Morocco.

Nevertheless when this plague struck the Island Lanzarote and therefore the tourism was threatened, one had to bring these news for this reason or for instance not? And what do you do and people like you will do, if the wind is going to turn? From Morocco till towards to Spain it is also only a stone's throw or what do you think about it? What possibilities are there to get the locust plague under control?

Is there any possibility through a corresponding pest control?

Are there still other possibilities like catch nets or is the locust trouble unstoppable?

Are the cards stacked against Africa really, since the daily number of 25.000 dead for lack of malnutrition would possibly reduplicate by this additional hunger disaster? However, the question is: Why does nobody, no competent organization held responsibility and has done something against that source of danger in about 90 days? I will write you, because if e. g. here in Europe a “want to be like great one” has got an oblique “little pain", then the Media-world is in action, however if people go down like flies in Africa, the news will report no more about it, because it do not interest the nations.

Available experience will state, that through such a report the audience rating is going to sink and the market of the journals and newspapers decreases by such news. It is nevertheless much more interesting for the population, if an actor must behind bars or a soccer hero is buried.

As a result the correspondingly responsible organizations have free rein and concerning hunger disasters in such a way presumably no organization has been fixed specifically for this disaster. Now the population number of the individual countries should be mentioned from the affected African states, so that the risen damage can be adjusted without the fact, that it must be begged but in order to make up a clear and real bilateral agreement for each country*.

You had the resources, you had the brain and you had sufficiently time and means to check the damage. In Austria, in Germany or where ever you could and can make artificial miles long snow runways of different kind for competitions and therefore you were able to produce cold; cold that would immediately kill these locusts as reported in the news. And now my person urgently would recommend using these apparatuses (snow machines) at all boundaries to prevent further extensions, because you and all others will be held responsible for the damage in Africa for the mentioned reasons and you will be held responsible also for your own damages.

Failure to render assistance on a large scale is the umbrella-term for your misdemeanour, which includes the death results. The required means like snow machines* for Africa include not only food but also medicine, like simple anti-infection means. The means you will bring together mainly through private persons, when the bank accounts of these people are blocked, with it the money can get into the correct hands, where the church has its responsibility; in this regard must be mentioned the German Cardinal Lehmann+, who should be on hand with help and advise for King Juergen, who will be the Authority to realise the transactions worldwide.

Should rise resistances from the viewpoint of the capitalists, the personal data of these persons are registered and these ones may be correspondingly punished or judged by the earthly power as well as by the over-earthly act of God at a possible date. More than 100.000 euro may not own anybody as a private person in the changeover phase. 

Everything what goes beyond has to be confiscated. Should have my person the possibility already today, she would order that all Christmas presents, excluded the presents for the children and all Christmas roasts and filled chests would be confiscated by the military, so that it becomes really cheerful for the right ones eventually, what would also fit to the imminent celebration!

For it my person would then cancel the tourist flights and instead of it let be transported the products through these air-routes to the corresponding destinations, or my person would place some tourists between the products, so that they can make and bring something worthwhile from their vacation.

If one reads this writing again, then one ought to ask oneself more precisely, who actual is the true plague, the locusts or the people, those were appointed for the worldwide organizations or commissions.

On behalf of


Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Also the Royal Danish Ambassadors are addressed in this regard, since the ones establish the worldwide government power jointly with the Authorities consisting of three persons.

HP: Yesterday the newest AIDS method way was demonstrated via TV news by the corresponding French scientist. Please use this method way in Africa, if it is effective for quite a while. In my opinion should become Africa help priority in this regard also from the Monumental-Sphere. 

                                            Checked on 20th May 2021.